The Park

Restoration and rebirth

The Park

The Park of Villa Albertini is a fine example of an English garden created in the first half of the 19th Century, in full harmony with the Romantic ideal. It is a place where art and nature, artificial and natural, come together, where nature can be experienced in its most spontaneous and casual forms. The Park extends behind the Villa and up to the top of the hill like a scenic backdrop made of mainly evergreen trees.

At the highest point of the park is the pond, the main feature of English gardens, and the 'Great’ tower, emerging from the landscape, an optical landmark and observatory. The presence of water, an indispensable requirement in an English garden, is skillfully declined in all its forms and functions. It is capable of creating evocative effects, as in the vicinity of the grottoes where it gives life to evocative little waterfalls. The designer's intention was to surprise visitors as they wandered through the dense woodland paths and stimulate them to enjoy the spectacles that nature offers.


Time and Nature have been the main architects of the transformations of the Park in recent years. The redevelopment, while maintaining the Romantic charm and 'spirit' of its creator, must not be a mere exercise of restoration. It is not a question of preserving a memory, or Memory, but of expressing continuity, as a living organism and as an expression of its 'genius loci'.

The garden is a dynamic work, it lives and renews itself continuously. Our task is to support Nature by observing it, we try to naturalise the species that adapt well, even those carried by the wind or birds. Time, passion, research and work. Respecting the historical, cultural and environmental importance of the Park of Villa Albertini in Garda.